From Victim to Victimizer

Naturally, there are exceptions to every rule. However, studies have shown that those that have been abused oftentimes become abusers. In fact, 30-70% of sexual offenders have been sexually abused, according to reports. People often ask me how someone that endured the agony and pain of sexual abuse could turn around and bestow that pain on another. I simply tell them that it is a learned behavior. In other words, people that are hurting sometimes hurt other people. This is what they have been taught, usually by their parents or other family members. They are products of their environments and do not necessarily know any other way to behave. Moreover, this behavior allows them to feel powerful or as if [...]

I’m Not a Thief, I was Hungry…

We work hard for our possessions. In fact, some of us work 60 hours or more to ensure that our loved ones have all of the basic necessities. As a result, we are horrified at the idea of someone taking our belongings without our permission. What do we think about these individuals, better known as thieves or burglars? Well, many of us do not think highly of people that steal from others. As a matter of fact, on November 14, 2007, in Pasadena, Texas, Joe Horn shot and killed two burglars outside of his neighbor’s home. The dispatcher advised Horn not to interfere because police officers would arrive to the scene momentarily, but Horn ignored the advice and shot and [...]

4 Reasons You Need to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

When dealing with any serious, life altering issues, enlisting professional assistance is highly advised to be able to find the best possible solutions for your problems, whether they are health related, financial, or legal. While we know how important it is to consult a professional healthcare practitioner to overcome health issues, many of us do not know the importance and benefits of consulting an attorney to deal with legal issues.  You may not need an attorney’s help while fighting a speeding ticket (though it can still be beneficial), but you definitely need professional advice to deal with numerous other legal issues, including criminal arrests such as DWI, DUI, assault, family violence, drug possession, theft, sex crimes, as well as numerous [...]