When dealing with any serious, life altering issues, enlisting professional assistance is highly advised to be able to find the best possible solutions for your problems, whether they are health related, financial, or legal.

While we know how important it is to consult a professional healthcare practitioner to overcome health issues, many of us do not know the importance and benefits of consulting an attorney to deal with legal issues.  You may not need an attorney’s help while fighting a speeding ticket (though it can still be beneficial), but you definitely need professional advice to deal with numerous other legal issues, including criminal arrests such as DWI, DUI, assault, family violence, drug possession, theft, sex crimes, as well as numerous other criminal charges.

Dealing with legal issues requires dealing with several complex procedures and it is best to leave all such tasks on a professional and reliable attorney to avoid any complications that could leave you arrested or fined, especially when you are charged with a crime.

If you think you do not need a defense attorney to fight your case, take a look at the following top three reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney:


  • For examining and countering evidence 


When you are facing criminal charges, the prosecutor is likely to bring up multiple pieces of evidence to prove you guilty. However, the evidence they have compiled might not be strong enough, may not have not followed proper chain of custody, or might have procedural errors. Only the best criminal defense attorney has the capabilities to identify any weaknesses, discrepancies and loopholes in the evidence and then formulate a stellar counter in your favor.


  • For doing the paperwork and be aware of deadlines 


Court procedures involve lots of paperwork and are laden with strict rules and deadlines. Since a defense lawyer has experience in dealing with such cases, he/she knows all the paperwork requirements and is aware of all the deadlines, rules and regulations.  Thus, a criminal defense attorney makes sure your papers are prepared properly, without any loopholes or missing documents, and filed on time to strengthen your case.


  • For negotiating a plea bargain to protect you 


Criminal cases are often settled through plea bargains outside the court. If you do not have a strong case and are likely to be punished or charged with penalties, the best defense attorney will negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor and thus, attenuating the repercussions.


  • For going to trial to ensure your rights are upheld 


Often times a plea deal cannot be agreed upon between the defense attorney and the prosecutors. Your defense attorney may still feel very strongly that your rights were violated or feel the State would have a difficult time proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at a jury trial. Despite this, too many attorneys just give up and forgo your right to trial.  Find an attorney who is willing to take you to trial, one who has a great reputation as a trial lawyer, and one who has a great relationship with the prosecutors. A trial can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.


Hire the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

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