“A lawyer, with his briefcase, can steal more than a hundred men with guns.”

“Lawyers and painters can soon change white to black.”

Good lawyers know the law; great lawyers know the judge.”

These are some of the sarcastic comments that we often hear about lawyers, particularly defense lawyers. Defense attorneys top the list among professionals who have been stereotyped as liars, deceivers and fabricators. You might find yourself having similar thoughts. Even if you are one of the few who do not give in to these beliefs, chances are that you at least know someone who thinks that defense lawyers are evil people who don’t have a moral or honest bone in their body. People sometimes go to the extent that they hold criminal defense attorneys responsible for all the evil and crime taking place in a society and therefore feel the world would be better off with defense attorneys taken out of the picture.

A World without Defense Lawyers

Let’s assume for a while that the dream of anti-defense lawyers gets fulfilled and we live in a world without any criminal defense lawyers. What good would happen?

• Supporters of this view believe that a world without defense lawyers will be the one where justice will prevail and all the criminals and wrongdoers will be arrested and put behind bars because there would be no one to protect them.

• Morality would prevail. People would gradually refrain from engaging in criminal activity because they would know there is no defense attorney to protect them.

• Ultimately no laws would be broken.

Seems a fantastic place to live in, right? But, Ah! Nothing more than a misconception.

The Reality

Some may feel the above mentioned seems like a great place to live, however I couldn’t image a worse world to live in. Just because the defense lawyers are gone, doesn’t mean our society no longer has rules. Societies can only function with rules. A society without rules is a society with brutality, tyranny and oppression. I think we can all agree this isn’t ideal. In the criminal justice world we have rules to protect the innocent. These rules, such as your right against unreasonable search and seizure, or your right to a fair trial are the cornerstone for a fair and just society. Without defense attorneys to back these rights, there is potential for a police state where you’ll find yourself with very limited rights or no rights at all.
Imagine yourself charged with a serious crime, arrested by the police and presented before the court. Without anyone to present your case, to find and collect evidences in your favor and to protect your rights as a citizen, how are you going to prove that you have been wrongly charged or that evidence has been illegally collected?

Forget about being arrested or charged with a crime. Let’s have a look at our daily lives.

You are a student and have applied for a financial aid program by the federal government. With a strong academic record and no criminal history, you have a good chance of getting the aid. However, your bitter ex-girlfriend blames you for sexual assault and you get charged for it. You know that the charge is wrong and she is just trying to get back at you for breaking up with her via text message but how are you going to prove that? Now your financial aid, your admission to the university is on the line. The obvious route would be to immediately seek help from a qualified criminal defense attorney to get your name cleared. Moving forward without legal representation would likely lead to a conviction of the crime. Now, not only is your academic career in jeopardy but your whole future could be in danger. Most laws are written in a dense and difficult language and are best left for lawyers to breakdown and decipher. Without having gone to law school, it can be excruciatingly difficult build a case for yourself. But hey! Aren’t we living in a world without lawyers? Why would you go to law school then?

We do need to have Criminal Defense Attorneys: Here’s Why

• Everyone Deserves a Fair Trial

Every citizen, when charged with a crime, deserves a chance to present his/her case and a fair trial. A top criminal defense lawyer makes sure you get that chance.

• There Must Be Someone to Tell You about the Rights of Citizens

No matter where you are living in, you have at least some rights and privileges. Although you know some of these, chances are that you may not know what your rights are when faced with a criminal charge or facing a penalty. Criminal defense attorney’s jobs are dependent upon them being familiar with Americans rights as written out in the US Constitution.

• To Expunge the False Charges from Your Record

The United States maintains criminal records of all our citizens. A person’s criminal record is public record and contains the details of all the crimes, offenses, misdemeanors and charges a person has faced in their life. In some states, even if you once got wrongly charged for a crime and were found innocent, the charge would still appear in your criminal record. You may think it is not something to worry about; after all, you did not commit the crime. But, you may not know and this could affect your future. To get that wrong allegation expunged from your record, you need a lawyer.

• Case Evaluation

They say that “a person who represents himself has the world’s dumbest client.” Since you cannot objectively see your situation and case, you cannot develop a strong case for yourself. A criminal defense attorney not only views your case objectively but since they know the laws and how they work, they consider each and every aspect, even those which you might not think are important. He evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your case and can tell you about all the possibilities.

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If you still think lawyer jokes are funny – the next time you are in a jam, call a comedian.