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A Defense Attorney…Really?!

We have all heard the harsh jokes about attorneys. Moreover, we have heard the lewd comments, and these my friend, were not jokes. Instead, these comments revealed the hatred, distrust, and lack of respect that many people have for lawyers. Why? Why do so many people think so poorly of attorneys, especially defense attorneys? Is it because they represent or defend what many would consider scum…lowlifes…worthless…vile individuals? Like many of you, I have heard these questions over and over again: “How could you defend him? He killed his wife and children. How could you defend a child molester? How could you defend that drunk driver that killed an innocent family? How can you sleep at night, or how can you [...]

MIP and You

Living in a college town can have its benefits, for college students this is especially the case. However, this also comes with some equal measure of dangers and pitfalls, as do most things in life. Often times college students are fresh out of the house, and experiencing a very new sense of freedom. With such a freedom, there are bound to be mistakes. Being honest, we all make mistakes. Though, some of these mistakes can also end up with one running afoul of the law. In Brazos County, specifically in such close-proximity to a major University, one of the more common types of offenses are alcohol related. It also so happens that the State of Texas takes a strict approach [...]