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How Can a Defense Lawyer Help You With Drug Charges?

  How Can A Defense Lawyer Help You With Drug Charges? Hiring the best criminal defense lawyer should be your very first step after being charged with drug possession. The importance of hiring an excellent defense attorney to deal with drug charges increases multifold if you are a student because this could not only damage your reputation, but also your education as well as your future. Before going into the details of how a student’s life gets affected by drug charges and how to deal with them, it is important that we briefly discuss the different types of drug charges and the laws related to them. Drug Crimes The cultivation, manufacturing, trafficking, possession, distribution, and consumption of certain drugs are [...]

What is Automatism?

  The term “automatism” refers to involuntary or un-conscious behavior. When a person is being tried for criminal charges, automatism can be used by the criminal defense attorney as an affirmative defense. Automatism is a type of legal defense in which the criminal defense lawyer argues that a person cannot be punished or held responsible for their crime or act because they were either not conscious when the act was carried out such as walking in their sleep, in a hypnotic state or suffering from concussion or epilepsy, or the crime was the result of an involuntary action such as loss of control over the muscles, a reflex action or a convulsion. A criminal defense attorney, in defense of automatism, [...]